Sunday, 11 May 2014


In Chinyanja it Means No Problem.

Chinyanja is one of 72 dialects used in Zambia. Yes! 72 different languages in One Country!

But Theoretically the Official Language is English... Practically apart from city centre of Lusaca, most People can only say 'How are you, Muzungu?' Muzungu means White Person or Stranger... but when they call u Muzungu, I don't think it's insultive, It's just sth new for them... especially for Kids, who are very curious...
When Children in Linda saw me, they were screaming Muzungu, Muzungu! But they were soooo cheerful and excited at the same time, They loved to run into me, take me down on the floor, hug, hold my hands, play with my 'extra soft' hair ;) ... but even just High Five with Muzungu, was sth super cool for them ;)

That is sth I loved about Africa... The People... 
They really don't need much to be happy. 
A chance to play with Muzungu's watch or sunglasses... 
or to borrow her Tshirt... priceless  ;)

Ladies and Gentlemen, am honoured to invite His Excellency, 
Bupe (in Nyanja it means Gift), my African younger Brother ;)
As you can see, Ana's tee + Ana's watch = Pure Happiness :D

One said that 'We've got success, They've got Happiness' ... 
It's true, their lives are simple.

Their needs are simple. 
They do not Overthink, Worry nor Calculate too much...

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