Sunday, 11 May 2014

I have absolutely No Idea, How to Start...

So maybe I'll just keep it simple...

My name is Joanna, I am 20. I used to study Cognitive Science... Thn I'd been living and working in Dublin for 6 months, to earn some money and go to Africa... to be a volunteer... (cause it's not like people say... Everybody can do volunteering... you just need a good plan ;)

And believe me it is worth it! :)

I had been living in Zambia for 3 months and I must say, it was THE BEST TIME OF MY LIFE :D

I've met sooooo many great people, discovered completely different world, learnt a lot and definatelly I have changed a lot...

Africa was just the beginning... I want this blog to be about travelling... I hope it's gonna be interesting and you'll enjoy it  ;)

Stay tuned for the next episode ;)



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