Sunday, 29 June 2014

Extraordinary Sunday... 'cause sometimes even volunteers get a day off ;)

Sunday Market! :D

Every Sunday, there's a market in Lusaca, where you can buy... basically everything, craft-figures, jewellery, clothes, cutlery, paintings...


Shopping done, Let's have some fun with 'our' Kids ;)

There's quite many pools in Lusaca... so remember to take your swimsuit!

C ya!

Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Typical Day in Linda


At 5 hrs (in Zambia instead of 5 am, you say 5 hrs)

 WAKE UP ... Walk to 'WaterPoint'

My Amayi was the best in the world! She took great care of me, 
so each morning she used to say 'Ana, bath is ready'

That's what she meant, bucket with cold water :D 
... cultural difference ;)


 ... if you're lucky enough...

'Gate' to the best, private school in the neighborhood

 at 13 hrs... Nshima!

Coming back to school/work


Typical shops

Fancy one ;)

FUN with Volunteers ;)

Date...? ;)

Homework ;)


9 hrs SUPPER

Night, Night, Sleep Tight ;)