Sunday, 11 May 2014

Chinali Chokondweletsa

Means 'It was delicious'... it was my favourite lie ;)

Typical Zambian dish... Nshima! 

It's a mix of ground maize (corn flour) and water. It is absolutely tasteless. They make small nshima balls in hands, dip them in salt and eat... That's the simpliest, the poorest version. Sometimes they mix it with Carpenta (tiny, sorry but stinky fishes) or cabbage... 

Salt is the only 'spice' they know, so everything is really, really salty.

We eat Nshima, what do we drink? Chibuku!

It is a beer (at least they say so :p ) It's made of corn of course, it's white/grey ish, with some small grey/black pieces inside, tastes like stale milk, smells like leaven, and they sell it in Milk Boxes, 
2 KWA(0,3 USD) for 1 litre.


Once I was a guest and the Housewife prepared a meal especially for me. European meal (in her opinion) it was Rice, potatoes and pasta, boiled all together... and Coke... I was laughing that rice was so salty and potatoes  so greasy that I needed to drink coke to 'kill' the fat and salt in my stomach :)

Did I mention that I'm very active and I like healthy food and I generally 
don't eat white rice, pasta nor soft drinks? ;)

What did I say after finishing the meal? Chinali Chokondweletsa! :D


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