Sunday, 11 May 2014

From the Beginning

I went to Africa with ASBIRO Foundation to build a school in Linda 
(the poorest neighbourhood of Lusaca, the capital of Zambia). 
I spent there 4 weeks with 6 amazing Guys and 1 Lady. 
Gentlemen were dealing with the roof, I was painting ;) 
we also did some plastering, 
and for few days I was electrician's helper ;)

by Marta Karpinska

by Marta Karpinska

by Marta Karpinska

by Marta Karpinska
It was a great time, loads of fun and good laugh. 
We were building the school with few Zambians, they were teaching us nyanja, we tried to teach them polish. They told us a lot about their country and generally 'bout life in Africa, We did the same, about Poland and Europe... in the end of the day, they always asked same, two questions.

1. When can I come to Poland?
2. Ana, will you marry me? 

Hahaha it was veeeery common, I can't remember a day, whithout marriage proposal!

Once, Lady asked me 'If I'd become her husband's second wife?' 

Guess what was my answer?

-Palibemvuto! :D

by Marta Karpinska

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