Sunday, 11 May 2014

Guys left me...

And I became...

That's another great thing about Africa... you go there as a student... 3 months later you can say you're a bricklayer, plumber, electrician, painter, english/maths/biology/philosophy/economics teacher, cook, nurse, doctor... and even a Pilot! :D

Cause the best cure is a colorful plaster and ice cream ;)

Kids in Zambia really enjoy school, of course only those who have the opportunity to attend classes. They understand how important education is. 
Teaching them was pure joy... they were even excited about homework! 
(I remember hating it :p )

African Hell's Kitchen ;)

by Jacek Gniadek
Need a Pilot? - Palibemvuto!
Haha :) 2 b honest, that's a picture from 'Pilots in Linda' event... Many of my Pupils told me, they wanted to be a Pilot, so I asked my friend to come, talk to them, show them pictures and movies from the plane ;) and he did! 
They absolutely loved it!

As you can see, in Africa I did maaaaaany things, but the greatest and most important was becoming a part of Linda's community (when people stopped calling me Muzungu, and I bacame Muzanga(Friend) or Dr Ana... Priceless!)

My African Family ;)

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