Friday, 7 August 2015

Trekking vol. 2

Wakey Wakey! :)

Breakfast in the woods... classy isn't it? ;)

OK! Let's trek a bit ;)

 I must say, there is nothing as peaceful, as majestic 
and as beautiful as thai jungle at 6 am ...

... and the FUN, begins HERE!

We weren't allowed to take cameras with us, 
but we did ZIP LINING and RAFTING and it was AWESOME :D

Thn Johny got a bit serious...

Because... Building a Bamboo Raft is a serious business ;)

At the end of an absolutely great, full of adrenaline, 
laughter and joy day, we were... 

Playing with elephants in the river! Best EVER! I promise!
When an elephant sneezes at you, priceless :D
When an ellie hugs you, beautiful <3

Bathing elephants is a MUST DO while in Chiang Mai.


Here's a tip... In Europe, we've got road signs, in thai jungle, there are dogs.
Dogs mean 'civilization' is close ... or at least a village :p
Follow Dogs. Always.
They will guide you 'home' :)

Home is where your Heart is. I think, I've found it :)


 My new Family :)

Smiley, open, cheerful... and Hungry!

 Let's eat!

3 course meal in the Middle of Nowhere... Johny is Amazing!

 Entrée: Spicy chicken soup, with cucumber stuffed with garlic-herb mince 
Main course: Rice with spicy veg curry


Coconut-honey bananas on fire!

 Thank you Karma, for such delicious meal ;)

Oh! Do you remember my shower yesterday?

Well, today I was able to take a bath... a river... a bath in a river...
all in all... FREEZING COLD!

But definitely Unforgettable and really fun!

8 year old girl, from the village, joined me...
She was carrying a very proffessional looking basket,
with all different types of soapes, gels, conditioners and masks,
She even asked me to use her shampoo because,
 she said it was better than mine!

Me and my new family are sending very clean hugs and kisses from
somewhere in the middle of nowhere....


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