Monday, 20 July 2015

Trekking vol. 1

3 Days Trekking in Thai Jungle

On the very first day, in the morning, you will be collected from ur hostel,
you'll meet the guide (your best buddy and hero for next few days ;) )
and a bunch of great, adventurous, people, just like you :)

Let's Go!

 Take your camera! 'Cause the views will be absolutely Beautiful!
And an extra battery, 'Cause there will be no electricity ;)

Ladies n Gentleman, let me introduce to you, the greatest Guy in the world... Johny!
Hard-working, extremely strong n fit, very creative, intelligent and hilarious...
Robinson Crusoe or Rambo, talented cook, singer, multi-instrumentalist,
and most important, very kind, modest and good Man <3

Follow me! he said ;)

So we did ;)

After few hours trekking up the hill we said, we were hungry :p

'There is trees, There is food' said Rambo :)

And a minute later, served us few snacks :)

Chinali Chokondweletsa! :D

Hey! No wastage in the Jungle :p
Banana tree, lunch box ;)

We passed by few villages on our way, met few people...

... GORGEOUS little creatures...
Beautiful, colorful, crazy, creative, funny, open, smiley...

Children might be different, depending on continent and country they live in,
 and community they're being raised in but they all LOVE motorbikes

 and colorful, shiny stuff :p

LANTERNS in the middle of Thai Jungle NO WAY!

Last few steps

Happy Johny 
... it means ...


Our village and our palace with super comfy beds :)

Well-equipped kitchen ;)

Dining Room

 and THE Bathroom

Cold shower ( To be honest with you, After 8 hrs trekking,
that was exactly what I needed, nothing more, just water.
It was freezing. True. But very refreshing :)

It gave me the energy I needed to have some fun with KIIIIIIDS

Best part of travelling. People.

Here. Colorful, extremely friendly, open and smiley :)

Fiar, Dogs, Funky pants, what else do you need? :p

Ha Ha Ha :)

Johny decided we needed MUSIC <3

After a GREAT concert Rambo started cooking again...

Boiled coconut-honey rice, stucked in bamboos and baked in fiar. GENIUS!

YUM! <3

It was a WONDERFUL day, full of breathtaking views,
great people, delicious food and Johnys surprises :)

Speaking of which... when we all thought the party was over
and started heading to our fantastic bedroom...

Rambo started singing...

by Ronan Keating

<3 HAHAHA <3

Best Lullaby ever!

The touch of your hand ... 

Night, night, sleep tight!

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