Thursday, 13 August 2015

Elephant Nature Park in Chiang Mai

Elephant riding is a popular tourist attraction in Thailand. 
 Unfortunately, most of the parks and companies,
 providing that kind of entertainment, 
 treat these gorgeous creatures obscenely inhumane.

So please, Research. 
Find an elephant rescue and protection community to visit 
if you want to interact with these wondrous giants. 

The greatest place to meet elephants in Thailand is ELEPHANT NATURE PARK

Created by a BEAUTIFUL woman Lek Chailert, 
who you can follow here
 Very kind, warm, modest but strong woman. 
Passionate about helping Ellies, who she became Mummy for.

The day we spent in ENP was THE BEST ever! 
 Our Guide was veeeery friendly and chatty.
We got a chance to learn A LOT about elephants in general 
and we heard the story of every single ellie, who lives in there.

How did he get there, what has happenned, how did people hurt him...

Your Guide will tell you to approach  from left side, 
beacause 'Lucky' is deaf on right ear or blind on right eye...

They will even tell you about particular ellie's personality, 
is he loud or quiet, calm or hiper active ;)

Why doesnt't he like taking bath in the river and if he likes bananas or watermelons better ;)

Can you see my bracelet? it's an ellie... got it as a talisman when I was goin to Africa, 
The Guide was laughing that an ellie was feeding an ellie ;)

 In ENP you will get a chance to learn a lot, to feed, bath and play with elephants, 
but most importantly, you will have a chance to admire them...

To fall in love with them.

Your whole day is gonna be a beautiful walk across the park and stories 
of once scared, broken, hurt, mistreated and tortured creatures...

Fortunately saved by Lek.
Loved and cured.
Beautiful and Happy.

Lek does not only help ellies, she also helps people.
She buys food from and employs locals.
They become ellie's best friends...
and sometimes artists ;)

Or THE best, caring, fun ellieSitter in Chiang Mai ;)

 I definitely want to be one!
If you want to know more or become a volunteer in ENP, 

Peace and Love!

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