Saturday, 27 June 2015

Chiang Mai

The best way to get to Chiang Mai, is to catch a train from Bangkok.
Tip: Go to the train station few days earlier and try to buy ticket for the train that departures at late evening, 
and arrives in Chiang Mai in the morning, next day. Remember to ask for the sleeping car!

Queueing has never been as interesting as in Bangkok! XFactor, lovely, extra-ordinary people with their cute pets pets,
 all over the place ;)

We didnt manage to get into the sleeping car, but as you can see, we kind of liked what we got, 
well 2 b honest with you, we'd been expecting sth much worse, after all the stories we've heard ;)

So, that's how 2nd class in Thailand, looks like...

CHIANG MAI! Here we are!

First meal... DELICIOUS! and very busy, We got several leaflets from few hostels/hotels/agencies 
and started planning our week in Chiang Mai :D

Cooking course, 3days trekking, Rafting, Ziplining, Elephants' Sanctuary, 
3D museum, Monks Temple, Markets, Concerts... that's the plan but first... 
let's get rid of our backpacks and take a shower :p

MUST DO in Chiang Mai... Rent a bike... 


Get lost, find this place... 

and have the funniest chat in your life, with extremely charming and smiley thai Barista :D

Meanwhile, notice, there's street art in Chiang Mai :)

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