Friday, 8 May 2015

I say Thailand I think...


My very first 'meal' in Asia was Pineapple, sounds ordinary but believe me 
it was the sweetest, the most fresh and full of flavour fruit, I've ever tried.
Extremely cheap, costs app 50 cents. Sold on a street, in a plastic bag, 
served with a wooden stick, that u can use as a fork ;)

Thai streets offer bags of watermelon, mango, melon and dragon fruit as well, but enough about fruits, Let's eat a proper dinner!


If you're not PAD THAI's customer, YOU CAN'T SIT WITH US :p

But don't worry, eating Pad Thai from and on the street is the best way
to feel the 'thai vibe' and enjoy this great dish ;)

First of all... What is it? 
Pad Thai means Fried Thai Style, it's a mix of rice noodles, shallots, chilli, 
coriander, egg, peanuts, lime, palm sugar, tamarind paste, fish sauce
and tofu, prawns or chicken

Prepared by a handsome citizen of Thailand ;)

Served on a very fancy 'plate'



OK, so we had the starter, we ate delicious main course, 
It's time for the dessert! :D

Its Majesty, the Coconut!

Coconut ice cream in a coconut shell with pieces of coconut and coconut-chocolate sauce, YO!

May the coconut force be with you, whether you're hungry or thirsty...


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