Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Thai Food... Breakfast

Many tourists have problem with eating breakfast on Thai Street ... well... 
you won't find there a BLT sandwich nor a honey-almond porridge
nor a ham-mushroom scrambled egg 

Omelette with prawns, chilli and shallots, doesn't sound bad, does it? ;)

Especially when the 'Chef" is extremely nice, funny, talkative 
and wants to know everything about you, your friends, 
and "this funny part of world, you come from" as she said ;)

Take away Omelette will be always served with a portion of boiled rice,
and will cost you 40 Baht, so less than 1 euro. 

For another 20 Baht, you can get a delicious sweet/spicy 
piece of chicken on a stick

Or maybe...keep it simple, 
boiled eggs?
Or not so simple, boiled PINK eggs?

When I asked, what's the difference between white and pink, 
Man who was selling them, said, 'Pink stinky, white no stinky'
I'm telling you Guys, Thailand is FULL of surprises :)

 Blue dumplings with peanuts, coconut cream, chilli peppers and lettuce ... sounds WEIRD, I know, 
but tastes really nice ;)

Have a sweet tooth? Well, There's no pancakes, croissants nor scones...
but I promise you'll LOVE the surprising mix of coconut milk, whites, 
chive and sugar, sold in a cute 'boat' made of banana leaves

Which go perfectly with coconut flavored, super soft waffles

Sweet option no. 3
KHAO TOM MAD, sticky rice cooked in coconut cream,
stuffed with banana and black bean, wrapped in banana leaf...

Absolutely, my favorite! 
Black bean might sound a bit strange but while mixed with banana... 
tastes a bit like strawberry jam
 All in all, YUMMY :D

Best spent 50 Baht, ever!

Sweet rice boiled in coconut milk, with fresh, juicy and soft mango

The last but not the least, 
Thai Fruit salad
Perfect combo of watermelon, mango, banana, strawberries, 
dragon fruit and papaya,
 with yogurt, muesli n spirulina 


I hope I convinced you to enjoy the street food, eating your THAI breaky,
instead of choosing 'ham n cheese SDW in Subway 
or full irish in the hotel restaurant' :p

Chinali Chokondweletsa! ;)

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