Friday, 17 April 2015

Bangkok... Let the Thai Party Begin!

We're in Thailand! Let's celebrate! :D

There's no better way to start a party thn having a fancy drink 
on 84th floor in...
The Roof Top Bar in Baiyoke Sky Hotel


Admire the beauty of the capital and the busiest city in Thailand.
Its 8 million population, 1.568.7 square kilometres,
 crazy streetlife, millions of lights, cars n buildings...

All in all its extremely wild nightlife, 
 that You, immediately, want to be part of! ;)

 I said streetlife... but even streets on their own, are fascinating, 
Just try not to get lost n pick the right exit! ;)

Take a deep breath, Relax and enjoy the greatest View 
of Krung Thep Maha Nakhon (Bkk in Thai )

Or... start planning your next trip ;)


Maybe Canada? ;)

Only 13,424,73 km away... but Nuuuh! Too cold!

Let's stay here... and let the party begin :D


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