Monday, 3 November 2014

Spire... Temple Bar... Food

Let's take a walk and explore this beautiful city ;)

Meeting Point, The Spire

Rainy/windy day? 
The best Hot Chocolate in the world might be helpful ;)

Or a scarf for... 2 euro ;)

ok, let's go

It's a final countdown! ;) 

In Dublin you know exactly how long you're gonna wait 
But some people don't like to wait... at all... and get frustrated anyway ;)


Let's cheer up in


Fancy a pint? 
Temple Bar... Best Pubs, Bars and great restaurants 

Anybody Hungry?

Few places I recommend

Delicious desserts in an old Church Building 

And Of course HARD ROCK CAFE

Bad Ass Coffee? ;)

Next time. Design on Grafton St...


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