Monday, 27 October 2014


Top places/things you need to visit/see

No. 1

Spire of Dublin
Monument of Light

The best Meeting Point in the City Centre, on O'Connell Street
You simply can not miss it ;)

No 2

Guinness Storehouse
Worth visiting, for a breathtaking view from the Gravity Bar, 
where very handsome and chatty bartenders 
will show you how to pour a perfect pint 
of the best Irish Dry Stout

'Cause Irish believe that every day is a 

No. 3

My favorite place in the city of rain ;)

And when it' s

You can get a great, warm  jumper ...

 in one of CAROLL'S shops ;)

I must say, I absolutely LOVE these shops, 
great hoodies, Tshirts, jewellery, mugs, chocolates, magnets, pins, teddy bears... sheeps actually ;) 
and much, much more! 

That was a long day, let's go home 
on a double-decker bus


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