Sunday, 17 August 2014

Expect the unexpected

I was looking for WiFi... and by accident had the best meal in my life!

Very Unexpected No 1...

I really did not expect to have the best hummus of my life in a Fire Station... and believe me I've tried many... it was absolutely DELICIOUS! Fresh, smooth, spicy, with loads of lemon juice, some olive oil and gorgeous crunchy bread <3

Lamb Kofta with rice n salad...  SOOOO TASTY... 
soft n a bit spicy meet, lightly seasoned rice and very fresh, crunchy salad with sweet cherry tomatoes ... Mmmmm :p

The last but not the least...  
Gorgeous Baclava and RedBull, Strawberry, Banana Smoothie

Loved it!

Surprise No 2

I had no idea there is an M&M's Store in London

Pink, pink or pink?

Unexpected No 3

Heavy rain surprised me, so I just entered first place I've seen... 
it was Jamie Oliver's shop!

Tall, dark and handsome... can I have 10 of these, please? ;)


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