Thursday, 3 July 2014

4 different countries at the same time?

Zambezi River makes it possible ;)

Safari or Rafting... the greatest way to explore the nature.

Option A, Safari:

Cost: app 150$
Duration: Whole Day Long
Views: Breathtaking
Is it fun? Oh Yes, It Is! :D

Plan: Simple

1.Breakfast in a Lovely Lodge

2.Few hours on a bout... visiting Zimbabwe, Zambia, Botswana and Namibia ;)

by Michal Zoltowski
by Daniel Lewandowski

by Marta Karpinska

by Marta Karpinska
by Marta Karpinska
by Marta Karpinska
3. Dinner in the same Lodge.

4. Few hours in a Safari car...

by Michal Zoltowski
by Marta Karpinska

I absolutely fell in love with elephants... Gorgeous animals!

Did U know that...

African elephants are the largest land mammals.

Females undergo the longest pregnancy...22 months!

An African elephant can detect seismic signals with sensory cells in its feet, it can 'hear' from over 20 km distance.
They owe the biggest brain of all mammals and have great memory, some of them can create a map in their head of 2000 square kms, to avoid dangerous regions.

They eat quite a lot, 200 kg of food and 200 l of water, daily!

Option B, Rafting:

There's nothing to talk about. You just need to try!

It's absolutely awesome! Great...intensive...unforgettable...

So much FUN!

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